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A field that displays an items last viewed date.

How it works:
As an item is being displayed in allitems.aspx, the field renders either the value it was last viewed or "Refreshing..." if SharePoint does not know the value for that item.

The field header is customized to automatically refresh all items in the list to ensure either "never" or the last viewed date exists for each item using a web service method "Refresh".

The field header then, for each value that displays "refreshing...", it queries another web method GetLastViewed so each item rendered has either "never" or its last modified date.

The field is sortable and with calculated fields, filterable as well. The item id cannot be removed from the end of the item value or the whole thing falls apart. Perhaps as a lookup field things would be different.

Note that you must enable auditing on the site collection for the field to work

This project will be actively maintained for the year 2012

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